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New Profile Posts

  1. Norieczek
    Norieczek RenzovZ
    Please contact with me :)
  2. Jenson
    Jenson Remco1987
    I bought an X1 account. Everything went fine, quickly and easily. Gladly again. 1+
  3. sari_alzawei
    sari_alzawei Kurtis Long
    Legit buyer he went first every thing perfect
  4. Kurtis Long
    Kurtis Long sari_alzawei
    Bought some accounts. Perfect service. 10/10
  5. Remco1987
    Remco1987 ohad benizri
    Good buyer, bought 3 coin accounts off me, went first and very fast, real smooth. Recommended.
  6. Remco1987
    Remco1987 Bashkusa
    Good buyer, bought 2 coin accounts off me, went first and very fast. Recommended.
  7. Bashkusa
    Bashkusa Remco1987
    Great seller, easy process.
  8. RenzovZ
    RenzovZ Legendkiller987
    Great seller, he went first and deal went smooth :D
  9. Legendkiller987
    Legendkiller987 RenzovZ
    Great buyer, deal went smoothly, I went first
  10. jblvd
    jblvd sufyan_alatrash
    Great guy! Fast transaction! Account working perfectly!
  11. sufyan_alatrash
    sufyan_alatrash guillecripiani
    legit buyer ,, very fast :)
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  12. guillecripiani
    guillecripiani sufyan_alatrash
    Bought one account, very fast and good, everything perfect!
  13. Hasham Sarwar
    Hasham Sarwar RenzovZ
    Great seller. Very quick service and very helpful.
  14. armani420
  15. plakt0ets
    plakt0ets RenzovZ
    Where can I contact you for buying?
    1. RenzovZ
      PM me ;)
      Dec 9, 2018 at 10:58 PM
  16. Eri619
    Eri619 Jolku
    Great customer!
  17. vejce4
    vejce4 SBCBOY213
    Hi how much do you charge for being middleman?
  18. ohad benizri
    ohad benizri Remco1987
    Great seller thanks hopefully again a++++
  19. Jolku
    Jolku Eri619
    His guide really helped me with profits. Definitely don't hesitate to buy his guide.
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    2. Eri619
      Happy to have helped you make profit, thanks for the feedback.
      Dec 9, 2018 at 4:41 PM
  20. BadBoy
    If i help you, Give a big Like +1 :P