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New Profile Posts

  1. sari_alzawei
    sari_alzawei Thomas Ringgaard
    My best friend ever and great buyer every time we trade every thing went good recommended
  2. Thomas Ringgaard
    Thomas Ringgaard sari_alzawei
    Thanks for the trade - Everything went nice and smooth. Professional guy that has a great level of service and fairly priced. My best reccomendations :)
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  3. Bernd Schmidt
    Bernd Schmidt Legendkiller987
    Bought 2 fresh accounts of him. Everything went well! Good guy..
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  4. Michael Berry
    Michael Berry Roms
    i sold him 1 account. he payed up front. good guy you can trust :)
  5. Roms
    Roms Michael Berry
    good transaction, trust and sympathy +++++
  6. mardriant
    mardriant LeviciousD
    Great buyer! Sold him 1 account ,i went first , fast payment , you can fully trust him
  7. LeviciousD
    LeviciousD mardriant
    He went first for the trade, all went smooth. A+, recommended!!
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  8. jora290
    For faster response please PM me on discord, LH00#5844
  9. Bernd Schmidt
    Bernd Schmidt thestallion
    Great guy, we did a trade and everything went well. You can trust this dude!
  10. thestallion
    thestallion Bernd Schmidt
    Great seller and lovely guy to deal with! Don't look further and get in touch with him, you can't be better off :)
  11. Timmyus
    Timmyus Phil
    Bought a 2 million coins account from him. Everything was fine and he was very helpful! :)
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  12. Saleh Ali
    Saleh Ali Lyam
    Why don't answer my messages ?
  13. Carrillo Karimillo
    Carrillo Karimillo nilsgroen3
    He buy me 5,4m paid first and fast without any problem . great Buyer .Hope we deal again !
  14. nilsgroen3
    nilsgroen3 Carrillo Karimillo
    LEGIT! Bought 5.4 million account without Middleman, everything went really smooth!
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  15. BjornD
    BjornD melhewd
    legit buyer ! payment received directly! nice deal! +++++++
  16. max4536564574
    max4536564574 BjornD
    perfect seller, i instandly got my account from him :)
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  17. Willfowl
    Willfowl Sneakey
    i would like to buy a xbox account can you help
    1. Sneakey
      i dont have.
      Jan 20, 2019 at 4:54 PM
  18. BjornD
    BjornD max4536564574
    legit buyer, payment received directly! +++++
  19. max4536564574
    max4536564574 Sneakey
    Hey Sneaky, there is a now task in the bot called" APISells" can you explain how it works or how to use it??
  20. Sofyan Orab
    Sofyan Orab Nagels
    Sold an account to him he went first everything went smooth and fast :p