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New Profile Posts

  1. JorgeCb19
    Hello! Im since 2017 here! Im selling 1 acc with 1.6 mill with unlocked web app. Dm!
  2. Vasiliy
    Selling PS4 coins. Feel free to PM me. Low prices, 30+ million every week
  3. Vasiliy
    Selling PS4 coins
  4. thewildone12345
    thewildone12345 Saleh Ali
    Message me, someone scammed me using your name
  5. Abhijeet
    Abhijeet ginos1272
    Scammer alert! Be aware
  6. hyo16
    hyo16 Carrillo Karimillo
    Best seller! Bought multiple times from him, everytime it went smooth and perfect.
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  7. Mehdi Behroozfar
    Mehdi Behroozfar
    Selling FIFA coins
  8. Fabio27
    Fabio27 FrankNygaard
    im interested for your dsfut bot
  9. Totti240282
    Totti240282 SuperCoins
    Purchased an account the next day it was already banned not having used it and they did not want to refund it, unreliable!
  10. FrankNygaard
    I will sell an API bot for automatically taking players from the DSFUT and FUTSELL boards, for all questions, write to me
  11. Gazbrown588
    Gazbrown588 sufyan_alatrash
    Xakanja is scamming your profile bro. He impersonates you and tries to get people to pay him through discord. His profile activity lines up with the person who tried scamming me as you. It wasn’t until I saw that you don’t deal through Reddit or discord that I knew he was fake. Thank you for posting your discord ID, because it did not align with his. It’s what saved me
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  12. emad
    emad mustafali03
    أخوي مطفى هل تبيع كونز ولا حسابات مفكوك فيها سوق الانتقالات ؟؟
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    2. mustafali03
      نعم يا غالي كلمني سكايب
      Mar 21, 2022
  13. Mahyar
    we are supplier, at least 10M a day dm me for more info
  14. Max Hucker
    Max Hucker
    My discord is ngolo
  15. Omar aldale
    Omar aldale IonutBerzeanu
    There are 3 accounts, profit match 20 k
  16. Omar aldale
    Omar aldale SuperCoins
    There are open accounts on the transfer market
    Payment method : (usdt)
  17. CrystalJr
    CrystalJr Kuzey Karayel
    Check dms
    1. Kuzey Karayel
      Kuzey Karayel
      I see no message from you sir
      Feb 10, 2022
  18. Виктор Юрьевич
    Виктор Юрьевич sahars
    Привет, напиши мне
  19. FifaCoinsDealer
    FifaCoinsDealer lemboti27
    I want to ask something, if the account is banned on ps can you still transfer coins? and vice versa
  20. Zemi
    Zemi jora290
    Scammer, don’t trust him