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New Profile Posts

  1. JayDMav
    JayDMav Sofyan Orab
    This guy is a scammer, just stole 3M of coins from me!
  2. Dabadave
    Dabadave Mani
    Awesome seller.
    This guy is legit, fast and helped me in everything.
    I was scared because I I've got scammee before from others but this guy is one of the best seller I ever met
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  3. Sofian Salem
    Sofian Salem
    selling Ps4 Fresh Accounts
  4. Mandeep Singh Matharu
  5. Mani
    Mani FifaBoss32
    Great buyer, fast and recommended
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  6. FifaBoss32
    FifaBoss32 Mani
    Done several trades with him, he's legit
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  7. chubyalla
    chubyalla jora290
    Legit seller, trustworthy and very helpful.. bought an account and everything went easy and smooth
  8. Andy Fifacoins
    Andy Fifacoins justkiddinggngn
    Great trader, bought millions from him without a problem!
    See you in FIFA 20 :D
  9. dupreeh15
    dupreeh15 tijsbastiaansen
    Legit buyer, the money sent first. All perfectly!
  10. tijsbastiaansen
    tijsbastiaansen dupreeh15
    Legit and quick :)
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  11. tijsbastiaansen
    tijsbastiaansen futwan
    Legit seller ! Bought some accounts without any problems
  12. Thomaz
    Thomaz tijsbastiaansen
    Am I talking to

    and I am @Thomaz#5663
    confrim please
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    2. tijsbastiaansen
      Jul 9, 2019
  13. futwan
    futwan tijsbastiaansen
    Sold a TM unlocked account. Legit buyer and transaction was smooth!
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  14. Sneakey
  15. bwrkoda
    bwrkoda manoloescoces1
    I thought first time he’s a scammer, but now I know he’s a really good person, very helpful, so much recommend him.
    Best Wishes
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    2. dubhz
      Finally : )
      Jul 6, 2019
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  16. dubhz
    dubhz jora290
    Bought a ps4 account . Easy, fast and trustable : )
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  17. anonbrasileiro
    anonbrasileiro jora290
    Bought 2 accounts from him, Very trustable and incridble fast. (sorry bad english of me :x)
  18. dh186
    dh186 dupreeh15
    very nice and good guy, would trust and recommend, thanks bro :)
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  19. justkiddinggngn
    justkiddinggngn Andy Fifacoins
    I made over 2 months prob 100 trades with. he is the best i ever had ^^ very kind! recommended 10000x :D
  20. manoloescoces1
    manoloescoces1 Tayeb Al-Shedayfat
    He bought me an account and all goes perfect! Highly recommended!